“This next one is the first song on our new album!”

Welcome to Cocotte, our weekly webcomic. It’s written and lettered by Kat Vapid and drawn and colored by me, Ryan Kelly.

First up, please observe the RSS feed button on the right sidebar. Place our comic in your reader, if you so wish to. Bookmark it, and tell your friends and family.  Next to that, you will see a mail link and a link to the archive page.

Our launch will begin with Page 1 on Wednesday 2/8, Page 2 on Friday 2/10 and Page 3 on Monday 2/13.  After that, we will update weekly, usually on Monday.  Every chapter will begin with a new chapter page.

You can also receive comic updates from our Twitter accounts: http://twitter.com/funrama and http://twitter.com/katvapid

This is a comic for mature readers. Cocotte is based on how people talk in a real life kitchen environment, so just a gentle warning. There’s strong language and adult themes, not much different than a Tarantino movie or an episode of The Sopranos or something, so please take note.

Also in the sidebar, is a Paypal donation button. We thank you kindly for any gratuity for our service. But most importantly, this comic is free of charge. Enjoy it and have a good time. Save room for dessert.