A new year. A new chapter. A new pope. A new hope. A new religion. I’m talking for free, I can’t stop myself it’s a new…


But seriously, folks. Welcome to Cocotte. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. Please come with us as we launch Chapter 2: SUSHI today. We’re very excited about this chapter as we believe it is profoundly better than the previous, more sucky chapter.


But seriously folks, we’re putting all we got into this web comic, and I think it shows. As always, we hope to update as frequently as possible, so let’s see what happens. The first page of Chapter Two goes up tomorrow, April 16, as long as my scanner works. Isn’t this EXCITING?!


As always, I have to remind you that Cocotte contains Adult Material, bad words, and kissing and hugging…which is very, very wrong and you should never do it. Please, you have been advised.


Bon apetit!…..