Hello, faithful readers, friends, Randians, countrymen, communists, and whosoever else appreciates fine comic art. We didn’t mean to let everyone down during our hiatus (hiati? there have been several). We (Kat/writer and Ryan/artist) just get fairly busy with our many children and full-time employment. You know how it is. Also, arguing; all the arguing required of a successful marriage takes up whatever spare time we have. And then if we have spare time left over after all that, then we work on COCOTTE. We think about COCOTTE all the time. It consumes us and probably impinges on our mental well-being. It’s been a little slower-going than we anticipated at the outset, but we thank you for your patience. Also you’re getting this for free, so, you know, don’t complain, but we’re sorry anyway, I guess. COCOTTE will reappear shortly. I love you.