Wow! 2014 already! Funny how these things work. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Well, enough with the frivolities, lets get to the main entree. Cocotte is our webcomic and I hope you like it. The best thing you can do, if you like it, is tell your friends about it. Word of mouth is critical with these kind of home-made creator-owned comics. Let the world know about the good work we’re doing here.

Have we been punctual with our updates here at Cocotte Central? No. But as they say, time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. Or something. We are working HARD on Cocotte behind the scenes. And we expect a lot of action in 2014. We’re trying to get a publisher interested in it and we’re finalizing the all-important “ending” and making sure it is solid. So save your fork, because a lot of Cocotte is coming your way!

Now, I think we should take some time to introduce the creators. Kat Vapid is the writer and letterer. It’s her story and she makes the words, plain and simple. She cooks too. At a restaurant. Ryan Kelly is the artist and colorist. That’s me. I take the script and put it on paper and make it all real before your eyes. I draw a lot of other comics too and that’s why Cocotte has been moving at a slowish pace. I put a lot of loving care into each page and that takes time. We do this on our “free time” but obviously we would eventually like to change the “free” part. If you want to tip us for our creativity , push the Donate button.

So that’s it. dig in and enjoy. And remember COCOTTE is a mature adult comic for adults. Things happen here. Adult things.

And remember, if you like Cocotte, tell someone! Don’t keep it locked up inside.